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A Behind the Scenes of Junkin!

Hello... so glad you are here. If you have attended one of my Vintique shows, you will notice that my booth is filled with treasures, all washed up, repaired and carefully curated. And here is a real life behind the scenes look of junkin. Believe me, it's not for the faint of heart. My fav places to hunt are dusty, cluttered old barns.

My sweet man, Rod is a willing victim and ready to lend a hand in my hunt for treasures. God bless that wonderful man! My junkin partner, Jen is my daughter who is also a vendor (Wheatfield Vintage) and has been my accomplice in many crazy junk runs.

Our latest foray was a barn outside Elk, WA (about 2 1/2 hours away) that had heaps and heaps of stuff accumulated from over 50+ years of collecting anything & everything. And the owner was willing to let us rummage through this treasure filled building.

The morning of the hunt, Rod hitches up my trailer, we grab Jen & off we go giddy with the excitement of a treasure hunt. We have brought headlamps to help us navigate the dark recesses of nooks & crannies. The owner of this magnificent collection explains that the upper deck may not be stable so he cautions us to step only on the crossbeams of the floor joists.... ugh! Jen declines, and the thrill of the hunt makes me brave and I carefully step on the cross beams, crawl in between the structural sections to get to the next section all while navigating around all the junk piled up. Needless to say... I said a quick prayer.

Jen & I quickly start making a massive pile of all sorts of cool things. She has a unique eye for repurposing things, finds an old bread rack, talks the owner into selling it and it most likely will end up in her home. For me, most of the stuff will be headed to the November 3 & 4th sale at the Latah Fairgrounds.

I almost forgot, we came across the most beautiful violet colored toilet that Jen wanted, but unfortunately the barn owner didn't want to sell. What was she going to do with a violet toilet you may ask?! Well she takes after her momma in that, if you really want something and have no idea what you will do with it......well, it's just "a detail" and you will figure it out later. Seriously, that is the "modus of operandi" need I say anything more?

After several hours of combing through the chaos and the jumbles of one families collection of cast offs, we loaded the trailer, handed over cash and happily headed home.

The hardest part? Deciding what to sell and what to keep. I need a bigger house.... lol. With that, thank you for stopping by. Feel free to leave a comment or email me at . xoxo Gayle

P.S. As I believe in relationships and knowing who the person is that you see in the public lime light... what I really love is the chance to get to peek into someone's life and get to see the authentic person. So this site is my public view, my private life blog site is at (Yep I own 2 websites, the ".com" is the public side of me and the ".net" is the private side of me) So feel free to head on over to the other blog if you are a gluten for punishment... lol. Wishing you a blessed day. Gayle

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